Knowledge begins with understanding

At VOXEA swiss private academy knowledge is learned for life ...

VOXEA Swiss Private Academy has been delivering language education for adults for the last 40 years.

Every year, approximately 1,200 students, from 50 or 60 different nationalities, attend the school. They are adults over 18 years old from many cultures.

We are internationally known for the quality of our training , as well as for the warm welcome we offer to students from all parts of the world.

Combining Knowledge With Talent

VOXEA, our language school

A language is easily forgotten if it is not practised regularly. Therefore, we provide our students with a structured learning environment within which they can integrate steady, continuous and consolidated progress.

Hence, our slogan: "Knowledge for Life"

Join Our Conversation Club

Voxea Swiss Private Acedemy invite you to join our Conversation Club, which is held every other Wednesday from 18:30 to 20 hours. The club is totally free of charge, and places may be limited.

By participating you can improve your speech and expand your vocabulary by discussing topics such as culture, politics and customs in Switzerland. Discussions are moderated by teachers from the Academy.

Please let us know if you wish to come along. Depending on the number of participants, the location may change, so we will confirm the location with you before each meeting.

We will be very pleased to meet you.

Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playalingua, Voxea's partner organisation, is a language school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in a the beautiful and historic region on the Yucatan Peninsula and on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

It provides a warm, human-scaled and hospitable environment in which to learn, combining teaching and accomodation in the same small campus, close to the town centre and beach.

Learn more ...

The Opens internal link in current windowFrench Evening Course costs CHF 980.- Improve your French, and enjoy spring in beautiful Lausanne.

Learning French the fun way - Le Petit Voxea Blog

One of our classes in written French worked together to produce a newsletter, which we have turned into a Blog. This was a great way for each person to improve their French, while following their own interests, and working together collaboratively.

Opens internal link in current windowClick here to read the blog

If you are thinking about taking a course in French at Voxea you are welcome to join in with our current students for a free, no-obligation lesson.

Just contact us, and we will organise a time convenient to you when there is a class for people at the same level of knowledge as yourself.