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Strengthen your capacity for synthesis


The aim of this course is to learn how to synthesize efficiently any kind of written and oral content.


  • Keep the essentials
  • Structuring ideas
  • Write effectively


The proposed approach first allows the identification of key messages and main ideas. It then leads to structuring the message into a coherent plan that is relevant to the objectives and the target audience. It finally explains how to write the obtained synthesis in a clear and concise style. It is based on many practical exercises and implemented.

First day

The first day focuses on the ability to extract the essence of the message:

  • Seek objectivity between fact, feeling, opinion and interpretation
  • Identify relevant and main ideas
  • Extract key messages

Second day

The second day focuses on the good return of the message:

  • Organize and categorize content
  • Choose a suitable plan
  • Reformulate and summarize information


For all


2 days

Study material included.

Price: Fr. 990.-



5 to 10

For who ?

Upper management, corporate executives and individuals