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This 30-week course allows you to acquire the knowledge of French required for the chosen level (DELF preparation course, available for B1 or B2) and to practice the language in a targeted way to meet the requirements of your examination.

In general, the time needed to fully acquire a B1 level is estimated at about 180 lessons. To sign up for the DELF B1 VOXEA preparation course, an acquired A2 level is the minimum required. A duration of about 240 lessons is to consider to fully acquire the B2 level. To sign up for the DELF VOXEA B2 preparation course, an acquired B1 level and some B2 level knowledge are required.

Obviously, it is possible to attend beforehand our general French 20- or general French 30 courses to acquire these required minimums.

Important: The registration deadline for a DELF examination is approximately 2 months before the chosen session. Participants must therefore be responsible for registering for the examination. The registration fee for a DELF examination session is not included in the course price.

Exam Calendar DELF 2019 - Switzerland

A level assessment test and / or a free telephone interview with our pedagogical managers will allow you to know what course duration is recommended for you.

Monday to Friday

8:30 to 14:30 

Modules of 30 lessons per week





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