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Planning and Facilitation of a Meetings


Educational goals

The purpose of this course is to develop / strengthen skills in meeting facilitation.


  • Ensure the relevance of the meeting
  • Develop your own qualities of facilitator and conduct with pleasure
  • Achieve concrete results


The proposed approach delivers the methodology and practical advice to prepare and facilitate a meeting.

Theoretical inputs are applied during meeting simulations.


The morning focuses on acquiring techniques to effectively organize and conduct a meeting:

  • Prepare the meeting
  • Manage the meeting with method
  • Boost your presentation
  • Get the involvement of participants
  • Manage difficult situations and difficult behaviors

The afternoon

The afternoon focuses on putting into practice:

  • Facilitate a meeting
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Find ways to improve


1 day

Price: Fr. 495.-

Study material included.




5 to 10

For who ?

Upper management, executives and individuals