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Note taking and minutes drafting


To sort through a profusion of information, structure and restore the essentials.
When writing minutes, meeting minutes or a report, the information that must be processed is as abundant as it is complex and the ways to collect and process it are very different from person to person. If some need few documents and are quickly operational, others have an exhaustive need for information on the same subject and finally find themselves drowned in the mass of material gathered. The main problems encountered are:
  • Difficulty distinguishing between the essential and the accessory
  • Illegible and scrambled notes
  • Lack of material to write summary notes
  • Difficulty writing clearly and concisely
This VOXEA training allows you to identify key messages and main ideas, to effectively synthesize any type of content, written or oral, to restore it and condense it to the essentials.
Discover the fundamental tools for taking minutes with a consistent structure and plan. You will then be able to write an effective and precise summary by organizing ideas, by an objective vision, by sorting out the information and ultimately by clear and concise writing.
  • Board Secretary
  • Executive Assistants
  • Municipal clerks
Extract the essentiel points of the message:
  • Structure your note taking
  • Distinguish the essential from the accessory
  • Collect and filter information
  • Extract key messages
Return of the message
  • Organize and categorize content
  • Choose a suitable plan
  • Rephrase and summarize information
1 day
Course materials included.
Price: CHF 495.-


5 to 10