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FlexPlus DALF C1 - Part 1


You will practice advanced French and achieve a very high degree of independence, aiming to reach a level close to that of a native French speaker. You will be able to interact spontaneously and comfortably in social, academic, and professional life.

FlexPlus: it's the convenience of studying at the time you want and wherever you choose.

The training is face-to-face for half a day each week, followed by 8 collaborative e-learning lessons spread throughout the rest of the week.

Thanks to our social learning platform, you will undertake tasks either in groups or individually, and one of our trainers will be available to you daily. This learning approach also allows the development of knowledge and skills of each learner through group activities.

Our learning platform operates much like a social network with its interactive multimedia modules: Interactions on forums, chats, videos, readings, quizzes, documents, games, and many other activities; a powerful combination for rapid improvement in advanced French!

For this first of two 3-month courses at C1 level, you will specifically cover:

  • The theme of information (fake news, veganism, gentrification, bilingualism) where you will develop a critical mindset to evaluate relevant sources, take notes, summarize spoken and written documents, and present talks.
  • The theme of learning, languages, and games where you can discuss your relationship with social developments, take a stance, and argue about significant topics in our society.
  • The theme of political and social realities in which you will participate in formal and informal debates on artificial intelligence, vaccination, and influencers.


4 to 8 participants

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Individuals and companies


C1 level achieved