31.07.202016 years… This is the average time spent by executives in meetings throughout their career!

While 98% of them believe they are necessary, 75% also consider it wasting their time.

Meetings are essential to the life of the company, they allow us to work together, to favor direct exchange. But how much time was wasted in a poorly organized meeting, with poorly defined objectives, with uninvolved participants? Ultimately, it's not so much the meeting itself that is the problem, but what you do with it.
From setting the agenda to distributing tasks, including facilitation methods, this training allows you to master different techniques to prepare, conduct and conclude your meetings with professionalism and efficiency. Beyond the theoretical aspects, practical applications will clearly show you your weak points and areas for improvement.
At the end of this training, you will be able to lead useful and productive meetings.
This training takes place over 1 day, equipment and lunch are included.
Price: Fr. 495.-
Description and content of training