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Preparing your speech: self-confidence, voice mastering, breathing.

Structure your speech: note taking, media development. Management and decoding of the nonverbal communication. To improvise, to speak without notes, to captivate, to interact with the audience and to present a speaker.

Educational goals

  • Acquire public speaking skills
  • Improvise a speech by mastering its intervention and associated messages
  • Gain self- confidence


Based on many practical exercises and scenarios, the proposed approach facilitates public speaking and the production of presentation materials.

This course will lead to the preparation of a presentation, the production of effective and relevant presentation materials and the mastering of oral presentation techniques.


Anyone wishing to improve their speaking in front of an audience and during a prepared or improvised interview.


Basic knowledge in oral communication techniques.


Active participation of the participants who will speak in front of the group.


2 days

Study material included.

Price: Fr. 1090.-

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